Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hi Children and Animals everywhere,

I’m so excited I can hardly keep on my perch!  My name is Oswaldo Owl and in just over a week’s time I’m going on a huge adventure to do something very special.  I’m cycling from the French coast to Paris with my friend Mark to say, ‘Don’t forget us animals!”  Very important leaders from all over the world will be in Paris talking about making sure that our world climate doesn’t get any hotter.  It’s a bit complicated but humans are burning too much coal and oil which makes invisible gases that make the earth & seas warmer, and more floods, fires and storms.  It starves creatures from on land and sea.  None of us wants it to get worse.

Mark asked me to come with him for a bit of company but you and I know that it’s very very important that the leaders think about animals not just about you humans because we all share one world and depend on each other. Some people say we don’t give two hoots – but we’ll show that we care!

We are setting off on Tuesday 24th November and arriving at Paris on Friday.  I am going to blog back every day (from 23rd to 30th) from somewhere in France with things we can do to help with the Climate, what’s going on at the talks and of course our adventure!  

If you've time I’d love to hear from you.  Tell everyone how you and your friends  are helping the climate, or anything you can tell us about your favourite animals or toys!

Oswaldo in his natural habitat

Planning the route to Paris with Map & GPS

Trying out the bar bag for comfort

This is a bit of a squeeze!
Playing hide & seek with Mark


  1. Good luck on the trip, Oswaldo!

  2. Hope you're getting fit Oswsldo

    1. Dear Lussas, Sorry to be so long in replying but owl's though wise are rubbish at the computer. I am fit thank you but with such short wings and even shorter legs I am worried about keeping up - or even reaching the pedals

      Oswaldo the Wise

  3. Oswaldo I'd sit in the front if I were you!

    1. Dear Lussas,

      I sat in the front and got soaked both days! I asked mark for a coat (see blog5)
      Thanks for your concern,
      Best of hoots, Oswaldo

  4. Go for the front carrier Oswaldo every time. Better view!

  5. Well done Oswaldo. Take some clothes. It could be chilly. DO you parlez le Francais?