Thursday, 19 November 2015

Oswaldo's exercise regime-

Hi young humans,

I went to the gym today.  I am making sure that I will be fit for the bike.  I am quite agile for a young owl!
Head Stand - don't try this at home

Weight-training , starting with light weights!

The high bar

I am rather good on the horse! Strong wings.

But cycling isn't just good for your body, it's great to be out in the fresh air and see things.  It's better for everyone else too not taking a car.  It reduces congestion in cities, fumes, noise, wear on roads, increases safety for all other people on the move.  If you cycle, just make sure it's in safe places.  But you know I'm sure that it is much better for the global climate to walk, cycle, or use buses and trains because of the greenhouse gases.

Finally, we're taking 500 fabulous postcards on the climate to Paris made by clever children in schools all over the New Forest.  I hope our leaders will look at the great pictures and intelligent messages.  We'll just put 2 up in this blog (running out of space) but send me a comment on the blog if you want to see want more in future blogs, or want to share any other thoughts or ideas.

Bye for now, Owaldo


  1. Nice postcards Oswaldo. Deliver them safely

  2. Hope you're losing weight Oswaldo with all that exercise

    1. Dear Lussas, I am fairly round I admit for a flying object, but I am mainly feathers, so surprisingly light last time i went on teh bathroom scales. Actually, Mark might have had trouble going up hill if i wasn't.

      Love From, Oswaldo the Round

  3. Don't forget to say bonjour to the LPO (League pour la Protection des Oiseaux) when you're over there!

    1. Cher Sarah,

      J'aime bien toutes les oiseaux, donc je vais faire

      M. Le Hibou