Thursday 26 November 2015

Blog 6: Bonjour Mademoiselle Vache!


It was a hard frost this morning and I went for a walk in the fields and met some very friendly cows. Their breathe was steaming in the cold air and I think they envied my warm coat of feathers which keeps me rather snug.

Then back on his bike after cycling a few more miles met some more animal friends in the local patisserie, a pair of wild boar.  I like to meet the wild creatures as well as those on farms.  They all need to have a nice life in surroundings that suit them which means for a big wood with plenty of roots to dig and eat.

I couldn't help noticing all the amazing pasties behind the glass counter.  I've seen fabulous food in France (it is famous for it) and  pastries like this is what you humans really go mad for!  Not that you could eat many at time.  Anyway, nothing like a  beak full of fresh vole - what I go mad for!  

But it did make me think of all the food that we eat and that it's good to know about where it comes from.  That friendly cow could be in your next beef burger!  I hope it had a happy life before that because  not all cows have nice fields to roam around in.  Some cows are kept mainly in sheds.   Many are fed not just with grass but with other crops grown in fields from long way away and it takes a lot of plant food to make a cow, 5kg to 20kg of plant food to make 1kg of beef.  All that has a much bigger Climate Change effect.  That's one reason why some people say it is good to eat less meat or be vegetarian.  But we should be kind to all animals

The important leaders in Paris who are meeting in a few days to good plans for action on climate change.  Let's hope they know all about food too.

Bye  Bye

P.S. Some more super postcards


  1. I am glad, Oswaldo, that Mark is now looking after you! Your task is very important and those summit world leaders need to hear, must hear, what you and the children who made those postcards have to say. Please make sure that Mark doesn't do anything toooo whoooo barmy!!

  2. Allons-y!*
    * This comment comes to you from the Doctor, who is also very concerned about saving the Earth because he does it all the time. Keep a look-out for a blue box suddenly appearing, because if it does, you might get a lift back from Paris and arrive before you even started!