Sunday 29 November 2015

Blog 7 Ossy loves Paris! And tries Hovering with the Humming Bird

Hi little but important humans,

Oh Oswaldo, haven't you grown!

Cities are not my natural environment and the fuming cars and lorries are not great for me or you humans but at least we haven’t added to the pollution on our ‘velos’ (bikes in French).  And going along the ‘Route Verte’ (green way) was great by the Seine, the huge river that runs through Paris.
It's really big close up.

I’ve had a bit fun here in Paris.  I took a few selfies with the Eifel Tower. Going up close it was really massive.
The classic selfie of the Eifel Tower!


Rather envious of that beak for the nectar but I prefer voles.
Just below there are some great noticeboards about our friends the animals.  I had a try at hovering like the humming bird whose wings beat so fast that they hum.  I could only manage it for a few seconds before I had to have breather!  The humming bird is so beautifully adapted with a long beak to take the nectar out of long trumpet-shaped flowers, with its shimmering coloured feathers to attract mates.  I would be envious BUT I am really well-adapted to my environment too.  See my giant eyes so I can hunt in the dark, and, it may not look like it, but I can swivel my head right around 180 degrees without moving my body.  Also, the front of owl’s wings have soft feathers so we can fly silently and creep up on voles (yum, yum) with a hooked beak and strong claws to hold on.  Yes, we animals all have our special places, our niches. You know about polar bears on the ice floes I can tell from your post cards but all animals have their places.  So please look these special places1  I am sure you will when you grow up but let’s hope that the leaders read your post cards and start doing more now!

Anyone for a swim!  Nice and warm in the Mediterranean.

My farmyard friends

That's all for now because I am a tired little owl!  And I know there will be some exciting things happening in Paris tomorrow!

Bye, bye.
Oswaldo the Slim

PS  Sorry it maybe a bit late for those who have already seen it but children you are famous!  The Lymington Times has written about you.

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