Wednesday 25 November 2015

Blog5 Monsieur Oswaldo Hibou gets kitted up

Hi Children,

Thanks for all of you who wrote and asked about my clothes, or lack of them, with all this rain. Mark took me to the bike shop to get fitted up.  We tried on a hi-viz jacket and several different helmets
Hi Viz, Helmet and dark glasses. I look rather cool in this don't you think?

The Viking look.  Not really!

I'll go for the helmet with ventilation holes. Still bit worried about how strong it is!
Mark is not as daft as he looks (don't tell him I said that) because he always wears something bright and reflective on his bike, like me now.  It's not that cycling is very dangerous but it is taken a precaution about being seen by car drivers.  

Thinking about what all the leaders in Paris are doing, or we hope they are doing, is taking sensible precautions to keep the climate safe.  Actually nearly everyone agrees that it is sensible to keep below 2 degrees Centigrade rise. We don't know exactly what would happen to the world if we went above 2 degrees C, but it is not going to be very good.  Probably there will be more floods, storms. droughts, ice melting and sea level rise.

I am loving cycling through France.  You can tell we are in France because of the Chateau!

A selfie of me and a chateau

Here are some more brilliant postcards from you children!

I have been learning some French.  

Aurevoir!  Monsieur  Oswaldo Hibou


  1. Thanks for telling us where you are. Walhampton School cares about the environment too. We're hoping to make a film to remind us of the things we can do to save the world. Go Go Oswaldo Eco Owl!!

  2. Bonjour Oswald. Nice crash helmet. Reduce Reuse Recycle!