Tuesday 24 November 2015

Blog4: A Rough Crossing

Me & Orson saluting flags from many nations.  Quiz:  Where are they from? Clue the blue one is from everywhere!

Hi Children,
I had to give Mark a sharp peck on the ear to wake him up early this morning in time to catch the ferry as his alarm didn’t go off.   Very exciting weather! Have you ever been on a ferry.  It is huge and built of heavy steel but when you get on it in rough seas, it is tossed about like a plastic duck in the bath.  That’s the power of natural forces and we must work with them and not against them on the climate.  After all as a little owl I am a part of nature and so are you and we must all work together to make it a good world for us all.

There will be nearly 200 flags outside the Climate Summit meeting showing that all the nations of the world are trying to work out the solutions together

I'm singing in the rain!  Bye Bye England

Big waves on the Newhaven harbour wall

Playing with a new friend on the boat
Anyway we arrived safely and are now in Dieppe in a warm hotel, drying off.  My feathers are steaming!

Bye Bye.  See you tomorrow!

PS Another Post card It's the United Nations Development Goals.  A bit complicated but your teacher might explain them.  Actions on Climate has been ringed!  Listen you leaders!


  1. Oswaldo I see that you don't have any extra waterproofing clothing like Mark so I just hope that your feathers natural waterproofing keeps you warm and dry! Hope you have both recovered from your sea sickness now and can cycle swiftly towards Paris...bon journee.

    1. HI Anon, I have asked Mark for some weather protection. He promised me to get one by the next blog (see blog 5)


  2. Who's Orson? Is he part of the owl delegation too?

    1. Hi Your Reverence,
      Orson is my brother. I rather twisted his wing into helping me with the photos. He's not a bad brother but like all brothers sometimes annoying.
      Yours reverentially, Oswaldo

  3. Oswaldo have you left Dieppe? Hope you haven't fallen off that bike and parted company with Mark?